Take my heart

We have more electronics around this house than normal. With 3 iPads laying around the only one I reserve for myself, and business, is the iPad mini. So the kids generally know not to ask for it.

But… when your son comes in to the room making sad eyes and tells you the big iPad is dead and asks if he can use the ‘Tiny iPad’?

Yes son, yes you can and here, take my heart too.

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5:30am to wake my lady up for work. “You’re kidding? You didn’t set a snooze for me!?” – Huh!? I don’t recall that request!?

Packing a to-go cup of fried rice for her breakfast as requested? Yeah, I think I’ll just marry her now..

5:45am Running out to her car in my underwear carrying her backpack and breakfast because her hands are full.

Kiss, kiss. Big hug, big hug, little hug, big hug. Bye, bye. Drive safe. Love you. Running back to house in my underwear hoping no one drives by!

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Perfectly Perfect

How do you know? Well I can’t tell you exactly but my cheeks hurt from smiling so much, my ribs hurt from laughing so much and my chest feels like it is going to explode when we’re together.

When she walks through the door I want to be the first to greet her but I have to beat my children there and wait my turn. Of all the perfect things about her this one proves the most to me.

Our perfectly perfect imperfections make us perfectly perfect together.

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Poof! There she is

Had you told me a few weeks ago that there existed a girl who consists of a touch of nerdy and a touch of serious, she loves rice, she loves sushi, she loves math, she has a huge heart, she has a desire to help people, she loves children, and not to mention that she’s beautiful with a set of dimples to match yours…. Well, honestly, I’d have laughed in your face.

Then, POOF, there she was. If you’re wondering why I seem 3 shades brighter yellow today… there’s your answer.

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